Iberomedieval Association of North America (IMANA) Call for papers for the 49th International Medieval Congress (Kalamazoo, May 8-11, 2014).

The Iberomedieval Association of North America (IMANA) will sponsor four sessions at the Congress next May. If you’d like to submit an abstract for one of these sessions, please fill out the Participant Information Form which you’ll find on the website link below and submit it directly to the session organizer. Be sure to indicate whether or not you’ll need any equipment such as a projector:


N.B.: Deadline for submission of paper proposals is September 15, 2013. However, the Congress encourages organizers to fill their sessions as soon as possible, so please submit your abstracts promptly. If you wait until the deadline you may find that the session you are interested in is no longer open.

Here is a list of the IMANA sessions and their organizers for 2014:

  • Maritime Miracles in the Medieval Mediterranean (Nico Parmley: parmlenm@whitman.edu)
  • The Converso Diaspora: Rejudaization, Philosophical Polemics, and Visions of Inquisitorial Spain (Gregory Kaplan: gkaplan@utk.edu)
  • Theory and Practice of Leadership: Political, Religious, and Ethnic Leaders and their Communities in Medieval Iberia (Óscar Martín: OSCAR.MARTIN@lehman.cuny.edu)
  • The Virgin Mary: A Woman for Medieval Times in Hispanic Literatures (Lesley Twomey: lesley.twomey@northumbria.ac.uk)

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