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Call for Papers — Critical Cluster On “Venganzas Medievales”

Friday, July 8th, 2016

La corónica invites scholars to submit a paper for a cluster entitled: “’Cobrarse por su mano’: Modalities of Medieval Vengeances”. Recent studies have inflected medieval vengeance with new meanings and functions that have reshaped the traditional view of vengeance as a tool opposed to civilization, law and justice. This cluster will explore the use and meaning of vengeance in the literatures and cultures of the Hispanic Middle Ages in both its aesthetic and socio-historical dimensions. Among other topics, this cluster will seek contributions that deal with, but not limited to, the following questions: What is the relation between vengeance, justice and law? What makes vengeance “good” or “bad”? Is there a relation between vengeance and gender? What is the vocabulary of vengeance? Is there a relation between emotion and vengeance? Can vengeance produce social order? When is vengeance appropriate? Why was (private) vengeance increasingly conceptualized as something to be rejected as time moved forward? Is in fact punitive justice merely a formalized way of vengeance? Comparative approaches between different literary genres, and religious traditions are welcomed.

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Those interested should indicate their intention to submit (preferably including a topic and/or tentative abstract) to one of the guest editors. Final submissions (as Word documents, following La corónica’s house style style, as explained at as well as all other inquiries should be sent to any of the guest editors, Alberto Montaner ( or Óscar Martín ( by June 1, 2016.



Call for Papers — Redes Petristas: Networks and Memory of Pedro I of Castile

Sunday, October 18th, 2015

La corónica invites scholars to submit a paper for a cluster entitled “Redes Petristas: Networks and Memory of Pedro I of Castile”. The assassination of Pedro I of Castile in Montiel (1369) marked the establishment of the Trastámara dynasty and set in motion a movement of political, social and cultural dissidence that rallied ideologically around the memory of the king. This dissidence, latent in the peninsula, spread through dynamics of exile to Portugal, England, France, and the Kingdoms of Aragon and Granada. This cluster will explore the persistence over the years and across Europe of Petrism, whose traces can be uncovered in historiographical, literary, and artistic production.

Those intending to submit articles should send an abstract and preliminary bibliography to the guest editors of the cluster, Rosa Rodríguez Porto ( and Sacramento Roselló Martínez ( by Feb 1st, 2016. Those planning to submit are encouraged to contact the guest editors prior to sending abstracts. Final submissions (as word documents following La corónica’s guidelines, as detailed at as well as other inquiries should be sent either to Rosa Rodríguez Porto or Sacramento Roselló Martínez by June 1st.


43.1 Now Available

Friday, March 13th, 2015
La corónica

Volume 43.1


Table of Contents


Historiografía nobiliaria castellana del período postalfonsí: un objeto en debate
Leonardo Funes

Sendebar: A Literary Rebellion
Robey Clark Patrick

Prolegómenos para una edición crítica de la Atalaya de las corónicas
Blanca Garrido Martín

Critical Cluster

A sea of stories: writings and reflections in honor of María Rosa Menocal
Lourdes María Alvarez and Ryan Szpiech, Guest Editors

Lourdes María Alvarez and Ryan Szpiech

More for SanTob (de Carrión 14th -c. Castile)
Peter Cole

Translation of Texts and of Relics as Symbolic Capital in Caballero Zifar
David Wacks

El Libro del Caballero Zifar como defensa de una identidad toledana
Juan Pablo Rodríguez Argente del Castillo

El Cantar de mio Cid de María Rosa Menocal (2009): Una breve nota
Óscar Martín

“Un palmeral es su yo”: Six postcards for María Rosa Menocal
Israel Burshatin

In a Better and Older Language: The Redemptive Potential of Arabic and Its Translated Fictions
S. J. Pearce

Contesting the Mezquita del Cristo de la Luz
Gregory S. Hutcheson

“Toledano, ajo, berenjena”: The Eggplant in Don Quixote
Anita Savo

“At the Red Rise”: A Poem by Muḥyī al-Dīn Ibn al-‘Arabī
Michael Sells

Review Essay

Historia de la medicina y cultura medieval
René Pellen


Enrique-Arias, Andrés, ed. La Biblia Escorial I.I.6. Transcripción y estudios.
Reviewed by Steven N. Dworkin

López Morillas, Consuelo. El corán de Toledo. Edición y estudio del manuscrito 235 de la Biblioteca de Castilla la Mancha.
Reviewed by Adriano Duque

Montaner, Alberto et al. Literatura medieval y derecho. El cronista del Estado Social
y Democrático de Derecho.
Reviewed by Daniel Panateri

Villaverde Amieva, Juan Carlos, ed. Homenaxe a Diego Catalán.
Reviewed by Paul B. Nelson

Robinson, Cynthia. Imagining the Passion in a Multiconfessional Castile:
The Virgin, Christ, Devotions, and Images in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries.
Reviewed by Andrew M. Beresford