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Call for Papers for the 2017 MLA in Philadelphia

Friday, February 26th, 2016

Please consider sending an abstract for the upcoming Medieval Iberian Forum and Special Session Panels for the 2017 MLA Conference in Philadelphia.

  • New Currents in Medieval Iberian Studies
    Papers on new works, new methodologies, or new critical approaches to Medieval Iberian literature or culture(s). Title and abstract of approximately 250 – 500 word by 15 March 2016; Connie L. Scarborough (
  • Female Power: Lost, Found, Imagined
    Exploring intersections of medieval women’s cultural productions and female power, imagined/articulated/represented/mythologized by women writers/patrons. Brief CV, 300-word abstract by 10 March 2016; Emily Francomano ( and Cristina Guardiola (
  • Medieval Iberian Boundary Conditions & its Crossings
    Boundaries that constrain and enable the “medieval” and “Iberian” and their crossings: medieval/modern divide; global/transcontinental presences; conditions that re/define the field and its futures. abstract, CV by 15 March 2016; Nadia Altschul (