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Call for Papers — Redes Petristas: Networks and Memory of Pedro I of Castile

Sunday, October 18th, 2015

La corónica invites scholars to submit a paper for a cluster entitled “Redes Petristas: Networks and Memory of Pedro I of Castile”. The assassination of Pedro I of Castile in Montiel (1369) marked the establishment of the Trastámara dynasty and set in motion a movement of political, social and cultural dissidence that rallied ideologically around the memory of the king. This dissidence, latent in the peninsula, spread through dynamics of exile to Portugal, England, France, and the Kingdoms of Aragon and Granada. This cluster will explore the persistence over the years and across Europe of Petrism, whose traces can be uncovered in historiographical, literary, and artistic production.

Those intending to submit articles should send an abstract and preliminary bibliography to the guest editors of the cluster, Rosa Rodríguez Porto ( and Sacramento Roselló Martínez ( by Feb 1st, 2016. Those planning to submit are encouraged to contact the guest editors prior to sending abstracts. Final submissions (as word documents following La corónica’s guidelines, as detailed at as well as other inquiries should be sent either to Rosa Rodríguez Porto or Sacramento Roselló Martínez by June 1st.