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2014 La corónica International Book Award

Monday, May 26th, 2014

Winner of the 2014 La corónica International Book Award

Nicola Clarke

2014 La corónica Book Award

Recipient of the 2014 La corónica Book Award

Dr Nicola Clarke has been Lecturer in the History of the Islamic World at Newcastle University in the UK since 2012. She studied History at the University of St Andrews, before moving to the University of Oxford to undertake graduate work in Arabic and Islamic History, completing her doctorate in 2009. Her research interests lie in the social and political history of al-Andalus, with a particular focus on historiography, family life, and gender. The Muslim Conquest of Iberia: Arabic Narratives (Routledge, 2012) is her first book.

Drawing on Arabic texts – historical, geographical and biographical – composed and transmitted in al-Andalus, North Africa and the Islamic east between the ninth and fourteenth centuries, The Muslim Conquest of Iberia: Arabic Narratives analyses narratives of the eighth-century Muslim conquest of Iberia. Medieval Islamic society set great store by the transmission of history: to edify, argue legal points, explain present conditions, offer political and religious legitimacy, and entertain. The Muslim Conquest of Iberia compares the way individual episodes, characters, and themes are treated in different texts, and how this treatment relates to intellectual debates, literary trends, and socio-political conditions at the time of writing, in order to demonstrate how competing priorities shaped myriad variations on a single story and how the scholars and patrons of a corner of the Islamic world distant from Baghdad viewed their own history.