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42.1 Now Available

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Volume 42.1 is now available.

La corónica



“Adio Kerido” In Memoriam: Samuel G. Armistead, 1927-2013
Michelle M. Hamilton

Ovid Historicized: Magic and Metamorphosis in Alfonso X’s General estoria
Erik Ekman

Allí prové que era mal golpe el del oído: impotencia y esterilidad sexual en el episodio de las serranas del Libro de buen amor
Jesús Botello

El cordón de Melibea y los remedios de amor en La Celestina
Enrique Fernández


Andrew Beresford & Lesley Twomey, Guest Editors

Visions of Hagiography: From the Gaze to Spritual Vision in Medieval Lives of Saints
Andrew Beresford & Lesley Twomey

The Visionary Brain and a Dream of Santa Oria
Mark T. Aquilano

Dreams of Death in Medieval Castilian Hagiography: Martyrdom and Ideology in the Gran Flos Sanctorum
Andrew Beresford

Shared Oneiric Experiences in Medieval Castilian Hagiography
Sarah V. Buxton

“Mensaje fue de Dios”: Transformative Christian Vision in the Libro de Alexandre
Florence Curtis

Women on the Edge of Glory: Tarsiana, Oria, and Liminality
Matthew V. Desing

Scent of the Vision: Odoriferous Rewards in Fermoso cuento de una santa enperatrís que ovo en Roma & de su castidat
Heather L. Downey

Sewn Without a Needle: The Chasuble of St. Ildephonsus in the Milagros de Nuestra Señora
Ryan D. Giles

Seeing and Believing: The Gaze in Vida de Santa María Egipçiaca
Connie L. Scarborough

Mary Magdalene and the Virgin Mary: Women Seeing the Resurrection in the Vita Christi Tradition
Lesley K. Twomey


Lorenzo Gradín, Pilar and Marcenaro, Simone. Il Canzoniere del trovatore Roi Queimado.

Reviewed by Mark T. Aquilano

Avenoza, Gemma. Biblias castellanas medievales.

Reviewed by David Arbesú

Metge, Bernat. Book of Fortune and Prudence.

Reviewed by John Dagenais

Patricia Timmons and Robert Boenig, eds. Gonzalo de Berceo and the Latin Miracles of the Virgin. A Translation and a Study.

Reviewed by Joseph T. Snow

Rojinsky, David. Companion to Empire. A Genealogy of the Written Word in Spain and New Spain.

Reviewed by Vicente Lledó Guillem

García Herrero, María del Carmen. Artesanas de la vida: Mujeres de la Edad Media.

Reviewed by Eukene Lacarra Lanz

Daas, Martha Mary. The Politics of Salvation: Gonzalo de Berceo’s Reinvention of the Marian Myth.

Reviewed by Connie L. Scarborough


Call for Papers for the 2015 MLA in Vancouver

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

We hope to see you next January 8-11, 2015 in Vancouver at the MLA Annual Convention, where the presidential theme is “Negotiating Sites of Memory.”

The Division on Medieval Hispanic Languages, Literatures, and Cultures will sponsor two guaranteed sessions in Vancouver, and is promoting a third non-guaranteed special session on Iberian medievalism.


I. New Currents in Medieval Iberian Studies
New work, issues or approaches in medieval Hispanic or Iberian studies. Abstract, CV by 15 March 2014; Nadia R. Altschul (

II. Objects of Memory in Medieval Iberia
Mental and material forms of recollection in medieval Iberia, from relics to other artistic or textual means “por dexar en memoria tanta remembranza.” Abstract, CV by 15 March 2014; Benjamin M. Liu (


III. Remembering Medieval Iberia
Papers to explore the uses and nature of Medieval Iberian historical fictions, and/or contemporary uses of Medieval Iberian fictions. Abstract, CV by 15 March 2014; Cristina Guardiola (

The Division on Medieval Hispanic Languages, Literatures, and Cultures encourage you to submit an abstract to the appropriate session organizer by March 15, 2014.